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With great custom software developers on staff, we are one of the premier custom software consulting firms in the nation.  We can help your clients “Discover the power of their data!”™

We can tackle a wide range of problems your clients may encounter:

  • Current software too slow or upgrade to a newer application that works with Windows 8 or 10
  • Upgrade to SQL Server locally or in the cloud
  • Once upgraded to SQL Server, create web solutions for clients or field employees

How many times have your clients expressed frustration with finding a competent software developer, or can’t find one at all? With our large staff we can provide them with great service and improve their software with wonderful features.

Benefits/Commission Program

We’re launching a new partner program, where we give partners the option of getting 15% of the revenue from projects they refer. Your clients will remain your clients. We will work with you either under your company name or as a sub-contractor, the choice is yours. To learn more about the financial benefits of partnering up with one of the top consulting and software programming companies in the US, contact us today and ask about our commission program!


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