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Microsoft SQL Server

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Our programmers have over 12 years of experience designing and optimizing SQL Servers and databases. We understand the need for speed and accuracy to compete in today’s fast pace environment. When companies are looking for ways to improve how they do business, they call us.

CHICAGO MICROSOFT SQL SERVER DEVELOPERSFrom helping design a report to executing and managing projects, we stand ready to help. We find that our clients enjoy being able to understand the issues involved and being kept informed of every step throughout the project. Most importantly, we CARE when it comes to making their business run faster and more efficient, using the most up to date technology.

We specialize in Microsoft SQL database design, administration, and support for both new and existing SQL Server databases. SQL Server works with many of the applications that small businesses use for accounting, sales and customer relationship management, as well as existing database applications.

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At Great Custom Software we don’t just build applications … we build business solutions.

* Special prices for Not for Profit Organizations.

Here’s what Great Custom Software can do for you:

+ We can help you with all versions of SQL Server.
+ Improve your current database by conversion and migration of your existing Software database to a newer version.
+ Or build a new one from scratch.