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As with any new technology, there are many implications we have yet to really consider around AI. For example, what would the West’s response be if, say, North Korea managed to develop a super intelligence first? Will we be able to imbue AI with an ethical system? And how boring is GTA going to be when everyone in the game is in a driverless car?

Such side effects seem to have – at least for the time being – been put on the back burner. Tech giants are focused solely on the tremendous potential AI has for improving the world, from driving productivity to helping discover new medicines. We have seen huge sums of money pumped into research by the likes of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM, and they have made huge leaps forward. In their quest for AI to develop as quickly as possible, these companies are also now looking to open source their technology, making it freely available to developers. However, while their efforts seem to be altruistic and focused on creating a better future for everyone, it is also emblematic of a worrying culture in AI development that could prove disastrous.

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